Policies and Procedures

Policies Every Company Should Have

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Required Company Policies and Procedures

We often get asked is, “What policies does my business need?” or “What types of company policies are there?”. This article will give an overview of the company policies every company should have.

Human Resources

Starting with Human Resources, every company should have a Staff Handbook, which is underpinned by various policies. Examples of these are: Annual Leave Policy, Disciplinary Procedures, Equality and Diversity Policy and a Grievance Policy You can see more examples of Human Resources policies every company should have here.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety policies are critical to have and adhere to. Depending on your industry, you may need several Health and Safety requirements. Standard policies are a full H&S policy that covers all aspects of your staff working environments, considering employer and employee responsibilities, the ability to report accidents and near misses, fire safety, and alcohol and drugs. If your workplace involves manual handling or exposure to hazardous materials, you must incorporate the relevant Risk Assessments and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). You can see a comprehensive list of Health and Safety policies here. If you are a healthcare provider or provide other care services, there are several additional policies that are required by oversight bodies and law. For example, Duty of Care, Safeguarding Policy and a Referral Pathways policy. More information on care service policies is available here.

Data Protection and IT Security

All companies that deal with their customer’s personal data and store it on IT systems or paper require data and information security policies that detail what they use the information for, who uses it, and how it is stored. This comes under GDPR and the data protection act. If you transmit data to third parties, your information security policy and procedures must also cover this.

Additional Policies Every Company Should Have

There are some additional compliance policies and procedures that it is mandatory to have and implement. Examples of this are Anti-Bribery, Modern Slavery and Anti-Money Laundering. You may also require Tax Evasion and Whistleblowing policies, especially if your business is part of a supply chain.

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