Alcohol and Drugs at Work Policy Writers

No matter your business’s industry, having a clear policy on alcohol and substance misuse is essential. This policy is designed to outline the expectations for all staff members regarding the possession and use of alcohol, prescription medications, and illegal drugs.

These substances can have a significant negative impact on both the performance of your workforce and the legal standing of your business.

The policy includes a thorough overview of the relevant health and safety considerations and UK legislation. It establishes a zero-tolerance stance on the use and possession of these substances during work hours, requirements for being fit for work, protocols for reporting misuse, support available to staff, and the disciplinary actions that may follow incidents of misuse.

Customised Policies for Specific Needs

Our service offers standard policies with options to include additional provisions, such as handling convictions related to alcohol or substance misuse, guidelines for social media use, and drug testing protocols.

Fully Bespoke Policies for Specialised Sectors

For organisations in sectors that demand rigorous regulations and checks—such as care settings, pharmaceutical manufacturing, driving, or industrial roles where safety and concentration are paramount—we provide fully bespoke policies. These policies are tailored to address the unique challenges and expectations in these environments, ensuring that your business remains compliant and your workforce is protected.

We specialise in writing a wide range of Human Resources policies, from standard to fully customised options, tailored to your company’s needs. For more information, please contact us using the form below.


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