Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policies and Procedures

Whatever your business sector, this policy covers the expectations of staff regarding the possession of and use of alcohol, prescribed and illicit drugs and substances. These negatively impact your workforce and legality of trading. 

Included in the scope and purpose of the policy, including health and safety and UK legislation overviews, the principles of zero tolerance with regards to the use and possession during the working day, fitness for work, reporting misuse, staff support and sanctions/disciplinary procedures.

Custom Policies

As standard with additional including convictions related to alcohol and/or substance misuse, social media and drug testing.

Fully Bespoke Policies

For businesses where there is a need for particularly thorough and comprehensive regulations, expectations and checks, for example Care Settings or Pharmaceutical Manufacturers where access to drugs is part of job roles or Driving/Industrial businesses where concentration and sobriety are particularly important. 

We create a range of standard, custom or fully bespoke Human Resources policies for your company – please see some examples here and click the button to request a quote.


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