Ethics and Quality Polices and Procedures

What are Quality and Ethics Policies?


Quality is a multifaceted term that holds different meanings depending on the unique characteristics of your organisation.

In a general sense, quality encapsulates the various elements of your business that contribute to its successful operation, growth, and overall excellence. It delves into the roles and responsibilities of each individual within the workforce, ensuring that the highest standards are met and maintained throughout the organisation.


Ethics, on the other hand, focuses on your organisation’s commitment to upholding principles and legal requirements, such as environmental responsibility, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and how you engage with your customers.

Additional ethics-related policies can be found in our Legal and Compliance section.

We offer an extensive selection of Quality policies catering to your needs. These policies can be standard, customised, or entirely bespoke, based on your company’s requirements.

Browse through some examples below to better understand what we can offer, and feel confident knowing that our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible solutions for your organisation’s quality and ethical standards.

Quality and Ethics Examples

NameCategoryTemplatedCustomFully Bespoke
Quality Controls QualityNoYesYes
Testing ProceduresQualityNoNoYes
Feedback (Complaints/Reviews)Quality/EthicsNoNoYes
Safeguarding Policy (Children/Adults/Care)Quality/EthicsYesYesYes
Quality StrategyQualityNoNoYes
Confidentiality AuditQualityNoNoYes
Fixed Assets TrackingQualityNoYesYes
Information Governance QualityNoNoYes
Payment of Supplier InvoicesQualityNoYesYes
Change ManagementQualityNoNoYes
Incident ResponseQualityNoNoYes
Risk AssessmentQualityNoNoYes
Supplier RelationshipsQualityNoYesYes
Data QualityQualityNoYesYes
Audit PolicyQualityNoYesYes
Complaints Policy and ProcedureEthicsNoYesYes
Environmental ManagementEthicsNoYesYes
Responsible Sourcing PolicyEthicsYesYesYes
Supply Chain Management and Quality Control QualityNoYesYes
Carbon Emission PolicyQualityNoYesYes
Quality TrainingQualityNoYesYes

How We Can Help With Quality Policies

We offer several services for policies and procedures. Please visit this link for information on our Standard, Custom and Fully Bespoke services. The table above has examples of our policies and procedures for the Quality category. Please contact us to run through your exact requirements and for a no-obligation quote.


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