Policy Document Reviewing Services

Document Reviewing for All Business Types

At Policy Pros, we provide a comprehensive policy document review service to ensure your business paperwork stays current and relevant. It’s typical for well-established organisations to possess a collection of policy and procedure documents, as well as statement documents and other supplementary information. We collaborate with a diverse range of clients, from small businesses to non-profit organisations and public sector entities.

It’s not unusual to find that different individuals have authored documents within an organisation over the years, so rest assured that you’re not alone in this situation. Consequently, these documents may become outdated, unsuitable for their intended purpose, or misaligned with each other.

Our expert services aim to address these issues and keep your organisation’s documentation consistent and up to date.

What is Policy Document Reviewing?

Essentially, we bring your documents up to date and aligned with each other. This is done by retemplating, then either partial or full rewriting.

How Do You Perform the Reviews?

Firstly, we perform an analysis of the quality of your existing policies. The quality can range from good and needs partial rewriting to full rewriting required.

Once the baseline for the quality standard is established, we work with clients to perform requirements gathering on gaps in their existing documents. From here, we work through the documents. Often we will liaise with each department or our point of contact if questions occur throughout the process.

Other Services Related to Policy Document Reviewing

We can also offer storage solutions and yearly review reminders to clients to keep their documents up to date. Also, we can have a retained service where, when legislation changes, we can notify our clients that their policies need to reflect this.

More Information

If you are interested in our policy document reviewing services, please drop us a line for a free no-obligation quote.


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