Human Resources Policies and Procedures

HR Policy Requirements

As the legislative landscape evolves, the number of human resources policies and procedures necessary to effectively manage even a small company continues to grow. Keeping abreast of these changes, from pre-employment checks to lone worker and disciplinary procedures, can prove quite challenging for HR departments.

Our team boasts a wealth of human resources expertise, assisting your company in staying up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations. By utilising our services, you can ensure your staff are managed appropriately and in compliance with the law.

We take pride in crafting all of our policies in clear and straightforward language, making them easily understandable for everyone involved.

Existing Human Resources Policies

If you have existing staff policies or handbooks, we are also on hand to review and bring up to date to ensure compliance.

We offer several services for policies and procedures. Please visit this link for information on our Standard, Custom and Fully Bespoke services.

The table below shows our typical policies and procedures for the Human Resources category. However, the lists are by no means exhaustive. Please contact us to run through your exact requirements and for a no-obligation quote.

HR Policy Examples

NameCategoryTemplatedCustomFully Bespoke
Equality, Opportunities and DiversityHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Harassment and Bullying at WorkHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Modern Slavery PoliciesHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Alcohol and Substance MisuseHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Annual Leave PolicyHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Attendance Management PolicyHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Career Break PolicyHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Change Management PolicyHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Code of ConfidentialityHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Flexitime PolicyHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Flexible WorkingHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Grievance PolicyHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Guidelines for Booking Venues and HospitalityHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Identification Badge Policy and Procedure for EmployeesHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Induction and Probation Period PolicyHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
IR35 Off Payroll WorkersHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Learning and Development PolicyHuman ResourcesNoNoYes
Lease Car PolicyHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Lone Worker PolicyHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Maternity Paternity Adoption and Parental Leave PolicyHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Offers and Acceptance of Gifts Human ResourcesYesYesYes
On Call ProcedureHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Other Leave PolicyHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Pay AdvancesHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Recruitment and Retention Human ResourcesNoNoYes
Recruitment and Selection PolicyHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Relocation Assistance PolicyHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Retirement and Retirement Gift PolicyHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Serious Incident PolicyHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Pregnancy and maternity leave and payHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Smoke Free PolicyHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Transgender GuidanceHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Travel and Expenses PolicyHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Contracts and Staff HandbooksHuman ResourcesNoNoYes
Disciplinary ProceduresHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
RedundancyHuman ResourcesNoNoYes
Employing Foreign NationalsHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Request Flexible WorkingHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Equal OpportunitiesHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Grievance ProceduresHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Sickness and Sick PayHuman ResourcesNoNoYes
Termination of EmploymentHuman ResourcesNoNoYes
Holidays and PayHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Paternity Leave and PayHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
UnderperformanceHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Drugs and AlcoholHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Grievance PoliciesHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Time off WorkHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Employment DisputesHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Training and DevelopmentHuman ResourcesNoNoYes
Pre-employment ChecksHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Training and AwarenessHuman ResourcesNoYesYes
Retire and ReturnHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Dignity and Respect at WorkHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
Remote and Agile WorkingHuman ResourcesYesYesYes
IR35 Off Payroll Workers


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