Bullying at Work Policies

A harassment and bullying at work policy is a set of HR controls put in place by an employer to prevent and address incidents of harassment and bullying in the workplace. This policy typically outlines what constitutes harassment and bullying, the steps that employees can take to report incidents, and the consequences for those who engage in this behaviour.

What are Examples of Harassment and Bullying at Work?

Harassment and bullying can take many forms, including physical, verbal, and nonverbal conduct. Examples of harassment and bullying include making derogatory comments, spreading rumours, and making unwanted physical contact.

This type of behaviour is not only harmful to the targeted individuals but can also create a toxic work environment that hinders productivity and morale. To prevent harassment and bullying in the workplace, employers should make it clear that this behaviour is not tolerated.

This can be done through regular training sessions and by prominently displaying the harassment and bullying policy in a prominent location.

What Should Employees Do?

Employees who believe they have been the victim of harassment or bullying should report the incident to their supervisor or to the human resources department. The employer should then conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate action, which may include disciplinary measures or even termination. It is important for employers to take harassment and bullying seriously and to create a safe and respectful work environment. By implementing a clear harassment and bullying policy, employers can help protect their employees and ensure that everyone is able to work in a comfortable and supportive environment.

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