Monthly Document Support 

A New Subscription Service

The world of legislation, best practice, and guidance never stays still, so why should your policies?

Unfortunately, letting time slip away is easy; consequently, your policies and procedure may quickly become outdated or tired.

As a way to support both existing and new customers, Policy Pros is now expanding to offer a variety of update and support packages which allow you to do what you do best whilst we take care of your policy library.

Document Support Packages 

Review and Report

Review and Report: Let us review your documents monthly to ensure consistency with the underpinning legislation, best practice, and guidance. We also provide a report on what has changed and what may change in the next 6 months.

Review, Report and Update

As above, PLUS Update: We will complete any minor updates as required, including but not limited to updating URLs, statutory government figures, statistical data, resources, minor legislation, standards, and best practice changes, and the inclusion of minor supplements.

Review, Report, Update and Retain

As above, PLUS Retain: We will provide you with monthly secured time, which can be used to create new policies, partially rewrite policies, provide consultation or training services, or offer guidance on areas specific to your sector as part of our Fact Checking and Referencing Service.

All packages include:

  • Secure cloud-based storage of all past and current document versions.
  • A summary of the hot topics in the world of policies and procedures so that you can keep your offering up-to-date and relevant.

Example Pricing

  • Review and Report for 10 policies from £65 + VAT per month or 30 policies from £150 + VAT per month.
  • Review, Report, and Update for 10 policies from £100 + VAT per month or 30 policies from £250 + VAT per month.
  • Review, Report, Update, and Retain priced dependant on the monthly secured hours required.

Discounts are applied for more extensive policy libraries and registered UK charities.

Specialist subject areas and areas where policy changes are expected rapidly may incur a higher fee. Examples include pandemic or epidemic-based policies and procedures and clinical policies based on strategies and/or best practices which are overhauled following consultation and the revision of current underpinning principles and/or guidance.

Please let us know if you want to discuss your requirements and receive a complimentary quote by completing the form below or using the details on our Contact Us page.


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