Policy and Procedure Writing Services – Pricing

Policy and Procedure Writing can take different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. We can review your existing documents and write new ones.

Policy and Procedure Writing Services – Process

  1. Clients will either provide a list of policies to be written or copies of the policies to be reviewed and amended.
  2. Policy Pros will send a written quote.
  3. If the quote is accepted, Policy Pros will agree on the delivery date. We will advise the client of any payment necessary upfront. 50% payment is required upfront for jobs over £200.
  4. Policy Pros will deliver the policies to the client by the agreed date.
  5. Payment should be made to Policy Pros within five working days.
  6. Clients can request amendments to the policies within 14 working days of receipt of the documents. These will be completed free of charge. Changes to legislation or regional guidance since policy delivery will not be included in amendments.

Please Note

Unfortunately, we are unable to give advice on which policies you require. However, a  client can choose to take our consultation service. The policies a business or organisation requires are dependent on several factors. These factors include which area the business operates in, and the size of the business. Also, it can be dependent on the regulatory body. Please refer to your regional or national regulatory bodies for advice. However, if your business is not regulated, you may wish to assess what similar businesses to yours offer.

Policy Library

Policy Pros have a vast library of policies we can offer which can be found here.

Consultation for Policy and Writing Services

Consultation services include advising clients on the policies their business requires. For example, we work with clients to write and implement risk assessments, procedures or processes. GDPR consultation or specialist business analyst services from Project Analysis (our parent company).

Consultation services are priced at £50 per hour plus VAT.

About Us

We are part of Project Analysis UK. At this time, we only price in ranges on the website. This is because documentation can take different shapes and sizes depending on your organisation. We urge you to contact us via the enquiry form so we can initially produce a no-obligation estimate. Secondly, If you are happy with this, we will gather further requirements and produce a full formal quote. We won’t pester you or spam you with automated emails after sending a quote!

Standard Policy and Procedure Writing

We have a number of policies and procedures that are written by us and not copyrighted. As a result, we can use these standard templates with slight adaptions to include the specifics of your organisation. To see the policies and procedures that are available in a standard format, please click the plus icon on the tables in the Policy List categories. From £45 per policy.

Policy Writers
Project Pricing

Custom Policy and Procedure Writing

For these documents, we will consult with your organisation to write custom sections that are very specific to the company. Specifically, these are areas that can’t be covered by generic statements.

Typically, for custom policies and procedures we will communicate by phone, email and video calls for the requirements gathering. 

From £50 per policy.

Document Reviewing Services

Are you concerned your policies, procedures or contracts are out of date or need an impartial review? We offer many tailored services to our clients to make sure their documentation is up to date. Also, they read well to their intended audience. Drop us a line with your requirements, and we will provide you with a list of options and no obligation quotation.

£50 per hour.

Document Reviewing Services


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