Health and Safety Policies

For any business Health and Safety and is a cornerstone of good practice. Health and Safety policies are a requirement of all businesses.

Health and Safety Policies – Legality

It is the law that employers put safeguards and regulations such as Health and Safety Policies in place to protect employees. Employees must work with their employers and colleagues to ensure that the workplace is safe. A Health and Safety Policy will enable this, by informing all parties of their roles and responsibilities.

Standard Policy

Basic UK law provisions covering Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Reporting Issues, Health and Safety Training, Nominated Representatives, PPE, The Role of the HSE, Insurance, First Aid Provision, Basic Facility Provision, Reporting, Basic Fire Safety and Employee Responsibilities.

Custom Policy

As standard but tailored to your business and inclusive of any specific qualifications, PPE or training required for specialist roles. More detailed information regarding any premises and facilities. If necessary, this policy may include Trade Union Health and Safety Representative information.

Fully Bespoke Policy

For businesses where the risk of injury or the potential of encountering hazardous or dangerous situations have increased this policy is the complete package. A policy that understands the specific nature of your business and the potential risks will be detailed. Also, relevant documentation such as assessment templates, incident reporting procedures/forms. Escalation procedures specific PPE guidelines for individual roles, inspection rostering and first aid/first response procedures can be provided.

Company Examples

Examples of businesses that may benefit would be: Construction firms, Industrial plants, Care Settings, Schools, Catering Industries.

How We Can Help With Health and Safety Policies

We create a range of standard, custom or fully bespoke Health and Safety policies for your company – please see some examples here and click the button to request a quote.

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