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UK Business and Brexit Impact – Policy Writing for Brexit

The UK is set to end the “Brexit” transition period from the EU on December 31st 2020, although the future relationship is still under discussion, there are many areas to consider now and in the future for UK businesses. We will soon be offering policy writing services for Brexit scenarios. The main areas of impact concern from Brexit for UK based companies and educational organisations are:

  • Transport to and from the EU
  • International Trade
  • Investment
  • Employment
  • Cross border work and study
  • Travel

Each of the above areas contains many possible sub-areas for consideration and analysis once outcomes from the ongoing relationship discussions are made public. Through a new campaign, the UK Government is urging companies to be prepared for the transition and to “Seize the opportunities available for the first time in nearly fifty years as fully sovereign United Kingdom”. Although these opportunities and the actions to undertake are of course not fully clear or finalised at this time, the campaign is pushing towards awareness and preparedness for the move. In their document “The Future Relationship with the EU“, the UK Government outlines the following key areas for transition agreement:

  • Cross Border Trade in Services
  • Investment
  • Temporary Entry and Stay for Business Purposes
  • Domestic Regulation
  • Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications
  • Telecommunications Services
  • A/V Services
  • Financial Services
  • Digital
  • Capital Movement, Payments and Transfers
  • International Road Transport
  • Subsidies
  • Competition Policy
  • State Owned Enterprises, Enterprises Granted Special
  • Rights or Privileges and Designated Monopolies
  • Intellectual Property
  • Good Regulatory Practice and Regulatory Cooperation
  • Trade and Sustainable Development
  • Trade and Labour
  • Trade and Environment
  • Taxation

There are many other areas to consider, such as medicine, organic products, land ownership, chemicals, certification, barriers to trade and so forth. The bottom line is the UK Government are looking for a continued liberalised market access for trade in goods and services. We will be updating our articles with more information on business policies for Brexit once formal agreements are made, and legislation is in place. If your company will be affected by Brexit/EU withdrawal, and you have a good idea about your approach once agreements are in place, Policy Pro’s may be able to assist you with your policy and procedure writing for Brexit 2021.


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