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Business Continuity Plans, Procedures and Disaster Recovery Policy Writing

This article covers Business Continuity Plans and Procedures, specifically the documentation required. What plans does your company have in the event of an emergency or disaster? We are often asked to consult with companies and write their policies for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) can cover a broad range of scenarios and you should be prepared with a plan of action and defined roles and responsibilities for each one.

Example Business Continuity Plans Content

  • What will you do if there are threats to your business location?
  • Who holds the BCP and DR roles and responsibilities?
  • What are your plans if your business location is destroyed?
  • What are your plans if the location is inaccessible for certain time periods?

Example BCP Scenarios

  • What threat types are there?
  • How do you receive and disseminate information?
  • What are the priorities in these scenarios?
  • Where do you stand legally and what actions should you perform to maximise your Business Continuity Plan chances of success?

How We Can Help With BCP Documents

We assist companies in writing their BCP and DR plans, taking into account clients, staff and data/software systems. Therefore you can ensure that in the event of a disaster event you are well prepared and have a solid strategy to ensure continuity in business.

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