Can you risk an Employment Tribunal?

Since 2017 there is no fee for making a claim to an Employment Tribunal in the UK and claims have been increasing exponentially. Awards have been made of over £240,000 for a discrimination case, and an unfair dismissal case can cost on average between £8,000 and £15,000 if successful.

Any employee who considers that they have been treated unfairly and unlawfully can make a claim and after reading the recent decisions made in 2019 there are recurring themes!

Lack of Employment Contracts was one major reason, however businesses and organisations not embedding and upholding legal values that should be defined in the company policies was another key driver.

Having suitable policies in place and your workforce understanding their duty to act in line with them is a MUST when it comes to avoiding employment litigation.

Sexual harassment, unfair dismissal, unfair pay or unlawful pay deductions and mistreatment under the Equality Act take up most of the cases, therefore having policies, procedures, standards and staff training in place is imperative.

We can offer reasonably priced policies and training guides outlining and defining,

  • Pay and Deductions
  • Code of Conduct
  • Equality (Including harassment and bullying)
  • Modern Slavery
  • Staff Handbooks

All these for a fraction of the cost of a tribunal award.

Can you risk not having your paperwork in place?


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