Data Breach Policies

Data Breach policies are essential if your company is storing any employee or customer data. This policy is required and must be followed if a breach occurs. In most cases of a breach, it is mandatory to report the information accessed to the data commissioner and police.

Standard Data Breach Policy

How your company will take containment and notification actions in the event of a data breach. The roles associated with these actions and demonstrating an understanding of your organisation’s legal responsibilities.

Custom Data Breach Policy 

More details on Containment and Recovery as well as the process for Risk Assessments. Also, the scales of breaches and actions to take in each specific scenario. 

Bespoke Data Breach Policy

For more complex organisations that deal with multiple data types and more Sensitive Personal Information. This will require specific mapping of Governance for different areas. Also, it must show examples of previous breaches from other organisations and resulting actions.

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