Fact-Checking and Referencing Services

Introducing Our New Fact-Checking Service

Policy Pros are happy now to now provide fact-checking services for companies and organisations.

We all know or do something routinely, and as a professional, it is important that we know and do things correctly. But, do you ever need a second opinion or need to know that what you are doing or saying is based on best practices, facts and/or legislation that can be referenced?

What are the Benefits of Fact-Checking?

Whether written in a policy, procedure, training or presentation slides, or within colleague or customer-facing guidance, getting your facts straight can protect you from:

  • Litigious action; and
  • The potential failure to abide by a professional code; and
  • The spreading of inaccurate information; and
  • Corporate embarrassment and reputational damage.

You and your organisation can establish a strong, positive reputation and foster credibility within your field by delivering accurate, well-sourced information.

How Can Policy Pros Help?

At Policy Pros, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and up-to-date information and backing up every fact with legitimate sources.

In fact, we have worked with various blue chip companies and government departments, as well as smaller organisations, to clarify and reference their literature to ensure compliance.

What are Some Examples of your Fact-Checking Services?

We offer our fact-checking service as:

  • A proactive service whereby statements and facts can be verified before being incorporated into a document; or
  • A reactive service whereby documents are reviewed and checked after the fact; or
  • An ongoing service whereby documents are reviewed and checked regularly to ensure compliance as part of our ongoing support packages.

All reviews will be accompanied by a report detailing the findings, where a legitimate reference/citation can be found to support the statements or facts, details of where those statements or facts may be out of date or unverified and the provision of guidance on what may be used as an alternative.

Areas that Can Benefit from Fact Checking and Research Services

Examples of where we can support your organisation:

  • Medical and Healthcare: Ensuring that the CQC, HCPC, or other governing body best practice/standards are accurately cited or referenced and/or citing medical papers, NHS guidance or strategy, and/or speciality guidance within that field.
  • Charities: Ensuring that documents align with Charity Commission standards.
  • IT and Information Security: Ensuring that UK legislation and sector best practices/standards are followed and, where necessary, cited or referenced.
  • Human Resources: Ensuring that statements, decision-making processes, and procedures align with current legislation and ASAS best practice or with new and upcoming movements while ensuring that wording and content are politically correct and non-discriminatory.
  • Health and Safety: Ensuring that the most recent legislation, Health and Safety Executive, and/or local or national standards are adhered to.

Next Steps

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