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Infection Control and Returning to Work

A pandemic, epidemic or mass infection could dramatically affect the way your business operates so there is no better time to prepare than before an event happens. If you are concerned about what an outbreak will do to your business and how to take the necessary steps to minimise harm to your workforce then contact us at Policy Pros. We are also offering bespoke Return to the Workplace policy and procedure writing services which detail best practice to observe for your collegaues and visitors based on your company type and building layouts. We can provide you with the following:

  • Pandemic/Epidemic Policy for your business
  • Returning to the workplace policies and procedures suited to your industry and tailored to your workplace
  • Business Continuity Policy and Training Guide
  • Infection Control Policy and Training Guide
  • Working from Home Polices and Procedures
  • Working from Home Acceptable Use Policy
  • Disaster Recovery Policy
  • Updates to Data and Information Security Policies and Procedures to ensure they are up to date in the event of Business Continuity/Home Working being activated
  • Any custom documents you require to manage your business – for example: supplier and staff instructions

Planning when to activate a business continuity or emergency plan, who is involved, and the steps taken to maintain ‘business as usual’ are vital in keeping your business afloat. Infection control planning including guides and advice of how owners, managers and the workforce can minimise the risk of becoming infected and spreading infections to coworkers and client is also vitally important. Written by an NHS, qualified clinician and a business analyst we scope out your business needs and find the appropriate level of detail required in your documentation. This can include day to day best practice. All of our policies and training guides are tailored to the size and nature of your business so whether you work in healthcare, IT, production, construction or retail we can provide the documents you need to protect your business, minimise disruption and protect your workforce. Please contact us for more information.

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