Policy Document Bundles

An Efficient Way to Stay Compliant

Policies are key to running your business smoothly, providing consistency in decision making and defining expectations of both workforce and directors. The article covers the benefits of buying Policy Document Bundles.

If there are no policies and procedures, how do you ensure that standards are maintained and that staff are compliant with the company ideals?

There are also legal ramifications if your employees consider that they are being treated unfairly or unequally, if you do not provide minimum legal allowances for holidays or if you do not take steps to ensure the safety of your workforce.

At Policy Pro’s we have a simple and effective answer….. Policy Bundles!

We are pleased to be able to offer reasonably priced policy bundles, which will protect your business and help you to ensure that your staff expectations become a reality.

Core HR Policy Bundle 

Pay and Pensions (can include expenses)

Leave (Annual, special, maternity, paternity, adoption) which can be the legal minimum or bespoke





Core Health and Safety Policy Bundle

Health and Safety (Site, Warehouse or Office or a combination)

PPE and/or Uniform

Fire Safety

Driving for Work (personal or company vehicles)

Information Technology and Data Policy Bundle 

GDPR Information Security

Data Security (includes training, safe use, breaches, mobile working and connectivity)

CCTV and /or Surveillance Policy

Working with Children and Young Persons Policy Bundle 

Safeguarding Children

Data Sharing and Recording Information


Emergency Policy

Parental Consent Document

Ethical and Supply Chain Policy Bundle 

Supply Chain Policy

Modern Slavery Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Workforce Policy Bundle 

Staffing Policy (Includes safer staffing and equality management)

Code of Conduct

Training Policy and Record

Staff Handbook (includes relevant HR policy information, uniform/dress code, conduct and training)

Please note – for this bundle we will require requested information and access to your current HR policies and procedures.

All policies/procedures/documents will contain:

  • Your company branding
  • Company specific information such as contact details, company registration number and company structure details
  • Relevant supportive paperwork such as checklists, pictorial guidance or proforma’s
  • At your request, areas left blank for amendments or variances in information

To complete your policies we will be required to collect information from you that pertains to the specific document such as information about your company practice or what you would like to be the company standard. We can offer advice and assist with good practice or minimum legal requirements.


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