Privacy Policy Writing

This policy covers data privacy in collecting personal and non-personal information and falls under the GDPR remit. We can create a number of different policies for our clients.

Standard Privacy Policy

This contains the GDPR required details of collection, usage and storage of any Personal and Sensitive Personal Information gathered in a broad sense.

Custom Privacy Policy

This goes into more detail on data collection and details out the systems you use as data controllers and processors. This content also covers Subject Access Requests and other customer and internal specific information.

Bespoke Privacy Policy

We will consult with the client on specific non-standard information gathering and retrieval mechanisms in place as well as non-standard sharing of information that data subjects may need to be aware of.

What We Do

We create a range of standard, custom or fully bespoke IT Security policies for your company – please see some examples here and click the button to request a quote.

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