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One of our most popular documents in light of the recent pandemic and new ways of working is the Remote Working Policy. Previously, many organisations implemented a restrictive, unclear “home working” policy.

In the majority of cases, home working was very much dependent on the role type. Remote working was quite ad-hoc, older documentation is generally vague and therefore open to interpretation.

What Does Remote Working Cover?

Modern Remote Working policies can cover a myriad of scenarios and are tailored to each business. However, common areas that we work to define with clients are:

  • Definition of working spaces.
  • The permanence of home or remote working.
  • Management of organisational and customer data protection obligations when remote working.
  • Acceptable expenses when remote working.
  • Obligations of the organisation to provide hardware and other assets to enable an easy transition to remote working.
  • Security of Home and Remote environments and controls around these.
  • The communication and accessibility obligations of staff who are remote working.
  • Lines of reporting.
  • Business continuity when remote working – risks and mitigations.
  • Hours of work.

Other Considerations

There are many other areas to consider when defining a clear remote working policy. We have been working closely with many of our clients to build a broad knowledge of the many facets of defining a remote working policy.

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