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The Common Assessment Standard (CAS) Policies

What is the The Common Assessment Standard?

The Common Assessment Standard (CAS) is now required as a pre-qualification (PQ) for construction and trade companies to join bodies and bid for contracts. The CAS has been introduced to increase productivity and efficiency by early-stage pre-qualification of companies standing. This early-stage PQ will be used by CHAS and Achilles assessment bodies using data sharing to obtain the information. Therefore, Constructionline is also now asking for CAS information to obtain its certification.

What Policies are Required for CAS?

To pass the CAS, we have identified the following up to date policies and procedures that are required:

  • Anti-Bribery and corruption policy.
  • Anti-Bullying policy.
  • Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking statement.
  • BIM policy.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility policy.
  • Data protection policy.
  • Drug and alcohol policy.
  • Environmental management policy.
  • Equality policy.
  • Health and Safety policy.
  • Quality Management policy.
  • Risk Management policy.
  • Sub-contractor selection policy.
  • Whistleblowing policy.

How Can We Help?

If you would like assistance writing or reviewing your policies, procedures and statements for the Common Assessment Standard, please contact us below to run through your requirements. More information on CAS:


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