UK Food Labelling Policies, Procedures and Training Guides – Allergens.

UK legislation is changing when it comes to selling pre-packaged foods which are prepared and sold within a single establishment or premises. This page has more information on UK food labelling policies.

In 2019 the Government revealed plans which will protect consumers with allergies by tightly regulating the labelling of allergens.

The new laws and the specifics are yet to be launched, however what we do know is that each item that is packaged and placed out for sale to consumers must be labelled with a full list of ingredients.

Furthermore, each allergen must be clearly indicated in bold.

Why is this important for businesses?

Protecting the health of consumers and practicing within the Law will protect your business from litigious actions and protect your business integrity.

The process of labelling however need not be a daunting task!

At Policy Pros, we have registered clinical and nutritional staff who will provide you with policies, procedures and training manuals to guide you through every step.

In addition, we can offer comprehensive training and reference guides on allergies and intolerances. For example, what to do in the event of a medical emergency if someone suffers a serious reaction to an allergen.

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