Vulnerable and Lone Workers Policy Writing

Every business should consider if its employees are vulnerable and lone workers. If so, it should implement policies and procedures to reduce the risk of harm. This policy will help to keep your employees safe. Also, it provides clear steps to safeguard their safety and welfare. The aim is to avoid serious incidents and litigious actions.

Standard Vulnerable and Lone Workers Policy

For businesses where lone working does not occur and employees have a secure work base. Includes scope and purpose, definition of vulnerable workers, a simple model of clocking in/signing in/telephoning in. A procedure for incidents where there are inadequate staffing levels. How to record, report and escalate incidents and a simple risk assessment tool.

Custom Policy

For businesses where employees frequently work alone from a secure base and work outside of daylight hours. Also, where employees work alone in a public place which is considered low risk or there are high value items in the workplace. As per Standard Policy with a more complex and through protocol for monitoring employee location and status by your chosen means of communication. A more complex risk assessment tool with bespoke examples of how to minimise risk of harm. For example, businesses include lone workers in petrol stations or other 24 hour businesses, jewellery stores, street based marketing work. Also, any business where staff are required to travel from base to base.

Fully Bespoke Policy

If your business requires employees to work alone and attend high-risk locations. For example, unfamiliar domicile properties or secure facilities. Also, they may carry high-value items on their person. As above however we will work closely with you to understand your business and tailor the procedures and policies to suit the complex needs. We will provide practical solutions for safeguarding employees and company assets and minimising risk.

Who Are Policy Pros?

We create a range of standard, custom or fully bespoke Health and Safety policies for your company – please see some examples here and click the button to request a quote.

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