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Why Bespoke Policies beat Generic Bundles

Why Have Bespoke Policies and Procedures Written?

Firstly, bespoke policies and procedures are important to any business no matter of the size. They allow internal and external understanding of how your business operates and the standards you set. Your staff, customers, business partners and authoritative bodies all want to know what is expected of them and what they can expect from you. Policies and procedures allow you to communicate this. A well-written policy will explain what, why, where, who and when (the five w’s) things must be done. The focus on the why, who and what will happen if things are not done correctly. Procedures set out four of the five w’s. Through a structured process detailing in the simplest form what should happen from end to end. The ‘why’ should be covered in the accompanying policy.

Why not use generic policies?

Not every business has the same departments or employees, does the same work, or serves the same client population. Some businesses are required to meet the standards set by a regulatory body and some do not. Also, many businesses provide Human Resources benefits above and beyond those required by law. For these reasons, your policies and procedures must be unique to your business. It is never the case that one size fits all. Therefore, your policies and procedures need to spell out what your business does and how it does it.

Why Not Use Generic Policies?

Generic policies from online policy libraries may seem like a good deal as you have access to hundreds of documents at your fingertips. However, on looking more closely you may see that the documents aren’t a perfect fit for your business. Therefore, this requires you to allocate resources to read and amend them to match your way of working. When you include the cost of the library service and the resource it takes to adapt the documents do you wonder whether you actually saved yourself time and money?

Why you should ask us for a quote for Bespoke Policies

At Policy Pros we write custom policies and procedures to match the way your business operates, so there is no need to spend time amending them. We spend time exploring your business and gather all the necessary information. This ensures that when it comes to how you operate; we write it the way you do it. Reviewing your custom policies annually is also much easier. As a result, you need only focus on things that have changed in the law or operational changes.

Contact Us for Bespoke Policies

Our policies start from £45 each. It is our promise that it will help your bank balance and save you time for years to come. Contact us for more information and a free quote.


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