Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy – GDPR

When running a company that manages a considerable amount of data, it is mandatory to have a  Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy in place. Also, this document must be adhered to by employees.

What Does Policy Pros Do?

We produce Data Protection and Confidentiality policies.

Custom Data Protection and Confidentiality Policies

We will consult with you to understand your business and output a policy that covers in detail your data storage and governance. We will detail the internal systems for staff and finance use, and the systems used for external data storage. Limitation and storage limits and conditions for consent details will be documented. Also, we will look at your breach controls and disaster recovery procedures.

Bespoke Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy

As above, but containing more detailed information and process flows around Subject Access Requests. Also, we will look at the specific software types and auditing arrangements, security certification details and update dates and the exact data stored in locations. We will map out data landscapes if the information is moving through a complex process.

How Can We Help?

We create a range of standard, custom or fully bespoke IT Security policies for your company. Please see some examples here and click the button to request a quote.

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