Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

Why Do We Need Health and Safety Policies?

Health and safety in the UK are governed by legislation and guidelines from the Health and Safety Executive. Demonstrating compliance is essential for companies across all sectors.

Lacking proper policies and guidance to inform and train your staff can expose your company to significant liabilities, particularly in the event of an incident that could have been prevented.

Our extensive health and safety expertise has enabled us to achieve accreditations such as CHAS and Constructionline Gold, ensuring you’re in safe and capable hands.

How We Can Help With Health and Safety Policies

We offer a variety of health and safety services tailored to your company’s needs, including standard, customised, and fully bespoke policies. Additionally, we can help evaluate your current documentation and provide recommendations for improvements to ensure optimal compliance and effectiveness.

Example Documents

NameCategoryTemplatedCustomFully Bespoke
Health and Safety PolicyHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Control of Substances Hazardous to healthHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
COSHH Assessment TemplateHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Display Screen PolicyHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Driving for Work Policy Health and SafetyNoYesYes
First AidHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Managing Stress in the Workplace PolicyHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Managing Work Performance PolicyHealth and SafetyNoYesYes
Manual HandlingHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Pressure SystemsHealth and SafetyNoYesYes
Radiation in the WorkplaceHealth and SafetyNoYesYes
RIDDORHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Risk EducationHealth and SafetyNoNoYes
Risk ManagementHealth and SafetyNoNoYes
Road SafetyHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment)Health and SafetyYesYesYes
Slips and TripsHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Societal RiskHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Stress at WorkHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
TemperatureHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Temporary and Agency WorkersHealth and SafetyNoYesYes
Workplace Transport Health and SafetyNoYesYes
VibrationHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Workplace ViolenceHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Lone and Vulnerable Worker PoliciesHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
WeldingHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Work Equipment and MachineryHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Working at HeightHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Threat and Vulnerability ManagementHealth and SafetyNoNoYes
Tiredness and FatigueHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
AsbestosHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Student HandbooksHealth and SafetyNoYesYes
Fire PreventionHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Anti-RadicalisationHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Online SafetyHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Homesickness and Culture ShockHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Portable Appliance Testing PolicyHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Food HygieneHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Electrical DevicesHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Personal HygieneHealth and SafetyYesYesYes
Food LabellingHealth and SafetyYesYesYes

What Do Policy Pros Offer?

We offer several services for policies and procedures. Please visit this link for information on our Standard, Custom and Fully Bespoke services. The table above has examples of our policies and procedures for the Health and Safety category. The lists are by no means exhaustive. Therefore, please contact us to run through your exact requirements and for a no-obligation quote.


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